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Our partners

Over 25 years we’ve met a lot of very clever, interesting and useful people, and we’ve stayed in touch with the very best of them. So although we design, build, install and service all our cashless payment systems in-house, we know exactly who to turn to for support services, specific advice or perhaps a wider set of solutions.

We are very selective about who we join forces with, especially when it involves delivering solutions to our customers, so you can rest assured we only work with the most experienced, like-minded partners out there to make sure you get the very best quality products and services.

All of our Payment Service Provider partners are PCI DSS compliant.

We also have long-standing relationships with many of the most successful and respected catering and vending companies in the business, so we have a wide network of contacts to call upon should we need them.

Thanks to these strong partnerships, all this additional expertise is also available to you, ensuring you get the best cashless payment system available, guaranteed.


Our Partners


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