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Safe FLEXible catering payments

With the relaxing of lockdown rules many companies will soon be inviting their colleagues back to work, and thinking about the changes that will need to be implemented to make those workplaces safe for their return.

Last week an existing client of ours with a large automotive manufacturing site in Bracknell asked us to install combination open and closed payment terminals onto their staff coffee machines. The objective was to provide a choice of payment options on one reader, and to enable data capture from these machines via the existing Flex system. Staff can now choose from two contactless ways to pay, either open payment using their debit/credit card and mobile, or closed payment using their existing Flex card.

For catering operations in the workplace, providing quick, clean and contactless payments is going to be essential for maintaining social distance, reducing queues and keeping busy surfaces clean, whether that is in the canteen or at the coffee or vending machine.

In the scramble to find the right supplier and solution it will be important for businesses to think more broadly. A solution that simply solves the immediate need to provide contactless payment may cause problems further down the line with integration and system expansion, and may also limit access to valuable customer data.

System flexibility is paramount when investing in new payment technology and the VMC Flex system provides a choice of payments, on a platform that can integrate many different purchase points, and provides useful customer data to enable better management of the system overall. 

Our priority is to offer solutions that are innovative and futureproof, that will provide long term value and added benefits to the client. To find out more contact Laura in our sales team on 07795 838961.

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