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Customer terminal

The VMC Customer terminal is an adaptable, multi-function unit that can be delivered with a number of flexible modules to suit the client’s requirements. It can offer a full payroll solution from enrolment through to top up, and it can also support chip & pin and even note top up for sites where this is still required.

The terminal’s flexible touchscreen can also work alongside the VMC online user portal to provide a means of topping up via Quickload, ideal for users who don’t have full access to desktops/mobiles during the day to make use of the system’s capabilities.

Further functionality to encourage self-administration on site includes the ability to check balances and transactions on the terminal, as well as request balance transfers from lost or damaged cards. With the addition of the chip & pin module the terminal can also operate as a visitor management unit, allowing new users to register their debit/credit card against a cashless account and spend on site in a pre-authorised mode during their visit.

This terminal offers a quick and secure way for all cardholders on site to keep their accounts topped up, especially those who may not have online access, and it also removes the associated risks of staff carrying cash in the workplace.


  • On-site cashless loading
  • Ideal for staff with no online access
  • Accepts debit/credit cards
  • Full payroll solution
  • Supports visitor management
  • Encourages self-administration

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