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Why cashless?

Removing cash and associated time-consuming administration gives you back valuable time to focus on delivering real customer service. A VMC cashless system can support open, closed and mobile payments, and can help increase footfall and revenue as well as reducing queue times.

Better profit

Cashless never holds people up, or jams a machine, or charges the wrong price. It works all day and never takes a holiday. Increase your profits as a result.

  • Faster service – up to 5 times quicker than cash
  • Fewer staff needed
  • Flexible payment options - open, closed & mobile 
  • Plug & Play – eliminates downtime

Better knowledge

Cashless leaves a trail. You can identify trends and use the data to improve your service and maximise your profits. Or even encourage your customers to change their habits.

  • Monitors customer behaviour
  • Monitors stock levels
  • Provides audit and management data tailored to your needs
  • Options to set up meal deals and loyalty promotions

Better security

Say goodbye to cash in the workplace. So no more thefts, damage to vending machines or hygiene risks and say hello to clean, secure, and reliable cashless.

  • No dirty coins or contamination
  • No moving parts or cash in machines – less service call outs
  • Reduced workplace thefts
  • Reduces end of day reconciliation admin

Better user experience

Everyone needs to buy things during the working day. Not everyone likes to, or is allowed to, carry cash around the workplace. Cashless is the answer:

  • Simple to load – credit can easily be added via cash, web, credit/debit cards or payroll
  • Simple to use – ‘tap & go’ and spend less time queueing
  • Simple to keep tabs on spending and rewards
  • Cards configured at user level to manage different entitlements


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