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Service & Manufacturing

In the 24-hour world of service and manufacturing it’s vital that everything runs smoothly so there are no delays to production deadlines, and service levels are maintained around the clock. The same applies to the facilities provided to the large numbers of staff that work in these environments – solutions need to be reliable, low maintenance, and viable for use at any time of the day or night to support shift work.

A VMC cashless payment system is the ideal partner in this situation, it can handle transactions for hundreds of staff on multiple touch screens and vending machines located anywhere on your site. All hardware is linked up to our intelligent online Management Portal, working hard behind the scenes to send details of all activity to a central admin hub, where the administrator can easily view real time data and compile bespoke reports at the touch of a button.

In a busy operational environment our robust and reliable cashless systems really come into their own. By day, cashless cuts queuing times in your restaurant and processes payments 5 times quicker than cash, ensuring your staff make the most of their precious break time. By night it takes care of itself too - it never runs out of change, it won’t malfunction with jammed coins, and it maintains vital service during unsociable hours

Our customers love cashless for its reliability and accurate audit, and open all hours approach. Users love it for its speed and simplicity – one card can give them access into their building, sign them into the time and attendance system and pay for all the food and drink they need, whatever the time of day.

We design and manufacture our own systems here at VMC, so you can be sure that we are delivering the best possible solution for your needs. Why not talk to us today to find out how we could improve your catering operation?

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