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In schools, colleges and universities our cashless payment solutions can really make a difference in streamlining the whole campus operations. Providing students with a choice of payment options including closed cashless, open contactless and mobile payments. All supported by our mobile app that also offers virtual loyalty, pre-ordering, QR scanning and much more!

Our technology integrates with existing student ID, enabling the system to be implemented seamlessly. The cashless account is very simple to use and can be topped up online or via the app by students, their parents, or even friends and family – so no more running out of cash.

For the educational establishment the benefits of cashless are easy to see; removing cash from the site reduces the risk of loss and theft, free meal allowances can be easily and discreetly managed, and most importantly the lunchtime service is made more efficient with less queueing time. If that wasn’t enough our clever Management Portal will also collate transactional data into easy to understand reports, so you can see exactly how your operation is performing at the touch of a button.

In a higher educational setting, the flexibility of cashless really comes into its own, where the technology can do so much more than just pay for food. Our  cashless solutions can be configured to deliver a range of additional on campus payments such as library, laundry, car parking and much more, giving your students choice and full control of all their campus payments.

We are continually developing our systems, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we have added even more functionality. A new online food ordering service with delivery options to support social distancing requirements, and a track and trace reporting tool feature.

We’ve already been involved with a number of prestigious higher education projects, working with universities who are really leading the field in delivering the “smart” campuses of tomorrow. Why not talk to us today about what we could do for you?


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