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Staff point of sale / Staff payment solutions

Behind the scenes of high street retail, it takes a small army to deliver the perfect customer experience; head office teams to plan, warehouses and depots to handle the product and distribution hubs to keep it moving around the country. It is these back of house supporting functions that can really reap the benefits of a cashless solution from VMC.

Our system can work across multiple sites within your operation, and through different point of sale options from payment readers to scan-and-go kiosks and vending to suit your environment. Our grocery clients Tesco, Asda and Aldi have cashless cards that work everywhere from HQ to distribution depots and in-store canteens, meaning one card and no cash required wherever they are.

No two VMC systems are same, and our in-house development team specialise in adapting our core Flex solution to meet the specific needs of our retail clients. The reason we offer a wide range of features like cashless, contactless debit/credit card, loyalty, pre-ordering, subsidy management and a customisable mobile app is so that our clients can choose exactly what they need. We also relish the challenge of creating brand new features - bespoke is what we do best!

Customer-facing point of sale / Customer-facing payment solutions

The possibilities don’t end there either, our systems can also be used front of house with your own customers. Managing your existing loyalty and membership schemes, and allocating rewards and redemptions at the right time, all whilst gathering valuable data on shopping habits to help improve your offers.

 We’re proud to have been supporting some of the biggest retail brands in the UK like Next, River Island and Harrods for many years now, but why did they choose us? Our payment solutions are flexible and functional, and we take all the hassle out of developing and installing your system by delivering when we say we will and providing reliable customer service and support when you need it. Why not talk to us today and find out what we could do for your organisation?


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