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Holiday Parks & Leisure

For park and leisure operators a cashless system is a real opportunity to incentivise and increase visitor spend, whilst also providing a great customer experience. A seamless payment experience really adds value for the customer, not needing cash to pay for anything at all from start to finish keeps things effortless and simple.

Hygiene and cleanliness have become even more important in the wake of COVID-19, so offering a totally cashless experience is a huge hygiene positive for the customer and a potential revenue driver for the park.

Contactless is the safe payment of choice, it’s cleaner than handling cash and no need to even touch the terminal or pin pad. Adding this method of payment to more of your onsite services and facilities makes things easy for the customer and increases the opportunities for higher spend.

VMC have a number of flexible options suitable for holiday park operations. Our contactless readers can be fitted to almost any unattended machine in any setting. Ideal for parking, charging, power, amusements, food and drink, vending, laundry, bike hire, pool tables and much more. The possibilities are endless.

For parks wanting to incentivise and reward customers for onsite spend, our Flex closed loop system enables a private onsite payment system for all your customers to use during their stay. Providing a choice of payment types; cashless, contactless, mobile payments, biometrics and QR codes, and supported by a customer-friendly mobile app, it’s also packed with other features like loyalty, meal deals and promotions. 


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