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Injecting some 'Flex' into an outdated payment system.

“The Catering Team have adapted to the new Flex system easily and enjoy using the new features on the tills. From a reporting perspective, we now have far greater visibility of transactions and stock levels, which all help to manage customer expectations and the accounts more effectively.” 

“The VMC system offered great functionality and the fact it could be hosted in the cloud made it the perfect solution for us!”

The Olympus site in Southend-on-Sea is a state-of-the-art business facility with multiple office and manufacturing buildings, and a busy catering facility that serves over 800 customers every day. The existing cashless system was not networked and only providing them with the basic features, so was not delivering the most efficient service!

The challenge

With their existing cashless system being decommissioned, Olympus were initially just looking for a straight replacement, but soon realised that by choosing the right system they could get so much more. Their top priorities were to maintain the same cashless cards for minimal disruption to staff, and to add central management in the cloud. They also had issues with networking in some areas on the site that had to be addressed by the new system.

The VMC Solution

During the detailed tender process, it became clear that the VMC system offered more functionality than the competition and that our approach to the project was more flexible. Our Flex system was the perfect solution for this project as it provided the client with everything on their must have list, plus a host of additional features and benefits as part of the package.

With Flex, they now have a system that is fully networked via the cloud and Wi-Fi, so no need for any disruptive installations. New cash loaders providing account based funds in the cloud gives the admin team greater visibility of overall funds, and improves security for the users too.
An advanced online management portal provides real-time reporting, ensuring they have instant access to all data and system performance at any time. New ‘tap & go’ payment readers in the restaurant and on vending machines are delivering a much faster service, and new touch screen tills with customisable marketing screens have enabled the catering team to create and manage their own promotions for the first time.
Flex has given the team at Olympus a future-proof system that they can continue to build on, and with plans now being considered to make further upgrades next year to include online credit/debit card loading and food ordering, it’s clear to see they are making the most of the features of Flex.

“Personally, I think the portal design is very clever; it’s bright, colourful and user friendly whilst still giving enough detail to analyse spending behaviours and forward plan.”
Natalie DeBotte, Catering & Hospitality Manager

“The team and staff here are very happy with the new system, and wanted to say thank you to the VMC project team for their personal approach and attention to detail, which made all the difference.”
Christopher Cubberley, Strategic Buyer

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