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Boosting pool table profits with contactless payment

"Adding contactless payment eliminates barriers to play as people just don’t have change to play pool anymore. The results speak for themselves - a contactless table performs 125% better than a coin-operated one."

Josh Cullum, Sales Manager, Home Leisure Direct


A thriving family business

Providing the very best home gaming products to the retail market since 2007, Home Leisure Direct have grown to become the UK’s largest specialist games room retailer.

Their success has now launched them into new commercial markets and in 2018 they embarked on an innovative new project – introducing contactless payment to commercial pool tables.

Why Vendotek?

Home Leisure Direct chose the Vendotek reader after 18 months of extensive research into different providers, impressed by features like the video display, back end reporting and reliability, plus the great ongoing service and support from the VMC team.

The readers have had an instant positive impact for their clients too, with a contactless pool table adding on average over £6000 of extra revenue per year.

"Our clients love the ease of use, and we have been really impressed by the reliability of the unit. We also found VMC wonderful to work with, all the team have been so helpful from the very beginning and continue to go above and beyond to help us – we couldn’t think of a better company to partner up with."

Josh Cullum, Sales Manager, Home Leisure Direct

Vendotek in the UK

VMC are the exclusive distributor of the Vendotek solution in the UK and Ireland, working with a small and dedicated network of resellers.

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