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Snack in the Box

"Without a doubt, fitting card readers has given my business a real boost during the problems of 2020. I have not fitted a single reader that did not increase turnover of the vending machine, infact most machines have doubled their turnover." Adrian Duhig, Owner, SITB Hereford

Using contactless payment to increase vending sales.

Snack in The Box is a leading national franchise organisation providing vending solutions to workplaces across the UK which include Coffee, Cold Beverage and Snack Vending Machines. They began trialling Vendotek contactless readers back in 2019 and haven’t looked back. The readers are now being used by 14 franchisees with more being added every week.

Hereford Franchise

Adrian Duhig runs the Hereford franchise and has 11 of his 25 machines already fitted with Vendotek card readers. His turnover had been affected by customers carrying less cash and he was also being asked by his clients if card payment could be fitted. After 18 months with the readers in place he’s seen turnover increase on every machine, with some even achieving double their previous sales. He has found them easy to install and customers have also found them really easy to use and are spending more as a result. With support from VMC he’s been able to significantly grow his sales and take his business forward.

Blackpool Francise

Alan Duggan runs the Blackpool franchise and has Vendotek card readers on 8 of his machines. Adding contactless payment to his operation has made an instant difference, and has helped give his sales a boost, even during the pandemic. He chose VMC because of
the competitive pricing and now plans to add readers to all of his machines to drive more profit from his franchise. Feedback has been really positive with customers loving being able to use card payment. With people carrying less cash the ability to use a card or phone makes it so easy for them. All the units have achieved an increase in sales, showing that by simply adding the card reader you can turn an average performing machine into a good one without having to relocate it.

Vendotek Reader Benefits

  • Simple to install
  • Quick to get up and running
  • Competitive merchant agreement
  • Accepts contactless & mobile
  • payments
  • Proven uplift in sales
  • Remote Management Portal

“I’m very satisfied with the % increase in sales from the readers, they have the effect of turning an average sales machine into a good one, without having to relocate it. I hope to be rolling out terminals to all my machines to drive sales and profits upwards.” Alan Duggan, Owner SITB Blackpool

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