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Danesfield School

“I wanted to create a virtual ‘bank’ with a card tapping system in school that would teach the children about spending, saving, interest and budgeting.” Hannah Crosby, Maths Lead, Danesfield School

Using VMC technology to teach school children about money management

Danesfield School is situated just outside Marlow and in 2019 they were selected as an EdTech 50 School in recognition of their use of technology in education. They pride themselves on teaching in innovative and creative ways, using technology in lessons to enhance and extend learning and give children a broader range of knowledge and skills that will be relevant to their future lives.

The Challenge

Inspired after attending a financial education training course Year 4 teacher and Maths Lead Hannah Crosby wanted to find a more practical and interactive way of teaching the children the basics of money management.

The brief was to create a virtual bank that could be used in school incorporating card tapping technology so the children could learn how to spend, save, and check their balance just as they would in real life.

The VMC Solution

The school needed a system that could be tailored to their exact needs. Easy enough for the children to use and with a simple back office for the staff to manage. The virtual bank was created using our existing Flex technology, installing our till software on the school’s laptop and a card machine for making purchases.

The children earn their ‘Dane coins’ from their teachers throughout the week and then use their card balance to make virtual purchases. This has taught them that their card has a value and the tap and go technology has enabled them to experience first-hand how we pay for things today.

Launched in National Maths Week the system is now being used by all 360 children across years 1-6 and has been a big hit! The children are super engaged with it and there has also been lots of positive feedback from parents about the initiative.

System features

  • Virtual bank account
  • Unique card for each child
  • Till software and contactless reader
  • Lost card replacement function

Client Feedback

“Working with VMC on this project was easy and seamless, they were great at being flexible and creating something to fit our limited budget, and their technical support guy Andy has been a godsend!”

Hannah Crosby, Maths Lead, Danesfield School Marlow

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