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The COVID era driving vending payments!


This month our Business Development Manager Laura Barwell has been talking to Vending International about how the COVID-19 era is driving payment systems in vending. What do consumers expect and what will operators need to do to adapt as we go forwards.

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving some fundamental long-term changes to the vending industry, especially when it comes to payment. Although contactless payment was already being adopted by many vending operations, the hygiene requirement for contactless this year has seen this skyrocket.

Consumers expect contactless payment pretty much everywhere they go now, and vending is no exception. By adding this payment method to their machines, operators have been able to maintain sales even during the lockdown periods.

Laura Barwell, Business Development Manager at VMC commented,

“We have also seen vending machines being used in many different environments to bridge the gap and maintain supplies of essential items whilst shops and hospitality outlets have been closed. By thinking outside of the box some operators have also been able to directly support the COVID effort by stocking their machines with items such as face masks and hand sanitiser, making them available 24/7 for those that need them.”

“By adding contactless and thinking more broadly about what is available inside their vending machines in the future, operators will have another viable option to grow their sales and bolster their reduced catering and hospitality operations at the same time.”

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