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Post Pandemic Payments

The revolution in touch-free payment looks set to continue as COVID remains front of mind for many businesses and consumers. The new hygiene habits we’ve all had to build into our everyday routines have now become the norm, changing the way we go about our regular activities forever.

Laura Barwell, Business Development Manager at VMC spoke to Vending International and explains:

“Vending has really stepped up and helped to bridge the gap of closed catering and hospitality services during the pandemic, showing operators that it has the potential to play a bigger role in their ongoing operations. Operators now need to maximise on that opportunity by adapting their offering and utilising contactless to help them grow.”

Laura continues:

“We’ve seen a real boom in demand for our Vendotek contactless payment readers over the last 12 months, as vending operators have really seen the value to be gained from adding this payment option to their machines. Once their sales increase, the next step is to think more broadly about how to incentivise and maintain that revenue by adding options like loyalty and promotions, which can be achieved with the addition of our Flex cashless solution.”

“Contactless payment does more than just speed up the transaction, it requires less staff intervention, it’s clean and safe, and with the power of Flex in the background it can do so much more. Going forward consumers will still expect to be able to make a tap-and-go transaction wherever they go, but the savvy vending operators will be looking for ways to ensure they come back again and again and we can help with that.”

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