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Getting more from Contactless

​With yet another increase of the contactless limit from £45 to £100 confirmed in the recent budget, it’s clear to see that this form of payment has a key role to play in rebooting the economy by making purchasing as simple as possible for the consumer.

It’s also impossible to ignore the positive benefits that we have seen contactless bring in the last 12 months during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Contactless is known to be the most hygienic form of payment and has helped businesses across multiple sectors take safe and secure payments and continue to operate wherever possible. It has also enabled businesses in certain sectors, like hospitality and leisure, to offer self-service and unattended points of sale when they would otherwise have had to close.

But what else can contactless do for your business? With the power of VMC technology behind it, it can also offer additional value in the form of advanced loyalty schemes, detailed customer data capture, bespoke promotions and even green initiatives.

Last year we embarked on a unique new project with a major UK supermarket to help them improve a free hot drink loyalty scheme they offer to their members. The client was finding it hard to control the use of this benefit, with some customers taking a drink when they were not shopping, and others taking more than one drink per day. This came at a huge cost to the supermarket, and they had no way of tracking it at all.

The VMC solution provides the contactless point of sale and monitors the scheme at user level, ensuring just one drink can be taken daily and only after a purchase has been made. We also used CCI to connect the reader directly to the coffee machine without the need for an expensive MDB interface. The new setup is saving the supermarket significant costs, and also reducing waste and providing more detailed customer shopping data to further enhance their loyalty program.

This is a great example of how our flexible payment systems can create added value over and above the physical transaction. We love a challenge and this solution really demonstrates that businesses can use contactless to do a lot more than just take payment!

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