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Giving a Lifeline to Leisure

​This month we spoke to Vending International about how vending is providing a much needed lifelife to the leisure industry as it emerges from the impact of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the leisure and hospitality sector, with many venues and visitor attractions being forced to close for months at a time. As this sector begins to recover, vending has shown itself as a reliable option for bridging the gap until full catering services are available again, making operators think again about possible new uses for vending going forward.

Laura Barwell, Business Development Manager at VMC explains,

“Re-opening with new rules and restrictions in place has put more prominence on providing all services in a clean and hygienic way for customers, and contactless has made this possible during the pandemic. As a result, we have seen an increase in demand for our contactless vending readers, as they are very quick to install and have enabled venues to bolster their reducing catering operations.”

“We are also seeing an increasing level of interest from hospitality and leisure clients as they consider the benefits of new food and non-food vending options. Similarly, in holiday parks the addition of unattended contactless readers to on-site leisure activities can make it possible to maintain, and in some cases grow, their regular facilities without the need for extra staffing or cash handling.”

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