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Bumber edition for VMC

This months Vending International magazine was a bumper edition for VMC seeing us featured in several articles throughout the October issue including:

Vendex Preview (p13)

Find out about what we are looking forward to at the upcoming Vendex show and our thoughts on the current market trends which we are excited to discuss with visitors at the show.​

“We’re keen to showcase to visitors at Vendex North just how quick and easy it is to add one of our readers to their machines, and to share how with the power of VMC Flex in the background it can also increase spending with loyalty and promotions.”

AVA Technical Day (p9)

Featuring our very own Engineer Director Jim Birch the AVA technical day was the first of its kind run by the Automatic Vending Association (AVA). Jim held a talk on the progress of cashless based on the AVA Census followed by a panel discussion on the future of cashless.

Leisure Vending (p11)

Many businesses in the leisure and hospitality sector had to find new ways to continue operating when contact restrictions were in place, and the success (and lower staffing costs) of these automated contactless solutions has encouraged many businesses to think more broadly about where else they could be applied. Our Head of Business Development Laura Barwell talks more about how VMC Flex can help.

Non-Food Vending (p20)

Vending has always had its roots in food and drink, but over the last few years it has started to experience a shift towards dispensing non-food items in unexpected environments! With everything from tools to art, find out about some of the innovative ways VMC cashless is being used in non-food vending.

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