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Cloud hosting

Our management software can be configured as a fully cloud based solution hosted off site by VMC, or it can be set up on your own servers in-house. We offer a flexible solution so that our clients can choose what works best for their environment.

We use a virtual private cloud within Amazon Web Services and can guarantee a monthly uptime percentage of at least 99.95%. This privately shared virtualised resource offers connectivity over the internet, fibre and private network, with completely separate web and database servers and no shared databases, making it secure and perfectly suited to delivering your core systems.

The powerful and reliable servers at AWS offer an extremely fast service and take away any concerns about security of data and reliability of the system, whilst also offering the benefits of not needing to invest in your own expensive in-house servers. So you get a ready to use system with lower upfront costs, that supports your team wherever they are located.


  • Lower upfront costs
  • Flexible license models – pay for what you use
  • No need for internal hardware/operating systems
  • Back up management
  • Supports flexible working and virtual desktops
  • Scalable service – no need to guess capacity

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