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Payroll deduction

The VMC online user portal enables staff to use a mix of fixed and ad-hoc payroll top up on their accounts. Users can also utilise the VMC customer terminal to opt in to the payroll scheme, check balance and transactions and add value to their card when it suits them throughout the month. The total value is then consolidated by the cashless application for export to payroll at the end of each month.

The cashless system keeps track of individual spend over a set period (week or month), collates the info into a report and sends it to the relevant department for deduction directly from the payroll. Users can set a maximum spend limit on their account to ensure no surprises at the end of the month too!

This software also works in pre-payment mode, deducting a set amount from the users’ salary at the start of the month, giving you flexibility in how you offer it to your staff.

Payroll deduction offers the perfect solution for both office and production environments as it offers a true cashless environment without the costly bank transactions associated with credit/debit payments.


  • Works in credit and prepayment mode
  • Set maximum spend limits
  • Can work in both online and offline environments
  • System collates spend data for you

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