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Ricoh UK

Ricoh’s success has been built upon the understanding that business can only thrive with systems that help staff work more effectively. The company believes that by modernising the workplace, improving processes and increasing performance, greater profitability and business growth are achievable.

Upon walking into Ricoh’s UK Head Office in Northampton, it is immediately apparent that one has entered an environment that’s been designed to empower the 600 plus people working on site here, workers are trusted to deliver great performance and in a workplace that delivers to staff the benefit of complete flexibility, it should come as no surprise that VMC’s Flex cashless system is part of their Workplace Services solution at Ricoh.

The Ricoh ID card is the workers’ carte blanche, facilitating access to the car park, door entry; photo-copying, vending and catering. There are loaders on the premises that allow people to add funds to their accounts to pay for purchases, However, the majority of Ricoh staff chooses to take advantage of a feature of the Flex system, which allows them to top-up online.

VMC’s Flex cashless payment system opens up the world of ‘open payment’ into closed user environments such as the one at Ricoh. The Flex system supports a range of reader technologies and has support for emerging technologies such as NFC and contactless bankcard payment. Customers are able to manage the cashless scheme via the Flex online management web site and reporting can be configured for specific requirements, then generated in real time online or delivered via email as required. Better yet, the modular architecture of the Flex system enables integration with third-party software and client databases.

Derek Bray, the Head of Property and Facilities, said: “ It was important to us that the cashless system we specified would be both robust and future proof. We went with VMC because of their unrivalled experience and their willingness to work with us to create the perfect solution.’ He described the process leading to the ‘go-live’ as ‘enjoyable and collaborative, a good experience'.
We were looking for speed of service, for a system that could use our existing corporate HID Prox ID technology. We also wanted our ‘cashless’ partner to share our desire to improve the customer experience in line with other flexible working initiatives we have introduced to the workplace”.

The Flex System is a testament to the professionalism of the VMC team, because Flex is a cashless system, not simply a technology for removing cash from the point of sale.

This is, of course, a major benefit; but most clients will only see this as maybe 50% of the overall requirement. To those customers, the real benefits of Flex lie in the management of entitlements, benefits, discounts, subsidies, loyalty schemes and promotions. We’re delighted that Ricoh identified VMC Flex as the major element of its own modernisation – we’re also delighted that the company’s employees have embraced our system so enthusiastically.

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