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Integrating open payments the simple way

It’s common knowledge amongst those in the payments industry that the demand for open payment by consumers has increased significantly in the last 5 years, with contactless and mobile payments seeing a big surge, but are the UK businesses running vending and catering operations fully up to speed with how this might impact them and how they could benefit by jumping on the bandwagon?

At VMC we are seeing a marked increase in the requests for systems that include open payment which is why our newest solutions can offer the choice of open, closed or both payment types in one system. We often find that new clients we meet have been misinformed about open payment technology, and our current clients often believe it’s too expensive and difficult to be added onto an existing system – both incorrect perceptions.

Our aim is to make this technology accessible to all types of business, whether they are a small or large operation, by making it affordable and fully scalable. Our solutions are also compatible with many other service machines, enabling businesses to integrate other areas of their operation into one complete payment system.

Find out more about our open payment solutions here.


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