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Enhancing student catering with smart EPoS

On university campuses across the UK the catering facilities are an essential part of the daily ritual for all students, and customer experience has become a real buzzword for catering suppliers and the Universities they support.

Technology has moved on too and the huge growth in contactless and mobile payments on the high street has created an expectation for the same speed and efficiency on campus – students expect more ways to pay and they want to do it fast!

At VMC our EPOS technology has evolved to embrace these changes, and our solutions are aimed at delivering exactly what the students expect, whilst also providing enhanced benefits to the teams managing the back-office system administration. 

We recognise that on campus not every point of sale has the same requirements, which is why we offer a range of tills to suit different service areas. Our fixed EPOS can be configured with multiple readers and works well in a restaurant/café and even bar setting, our mobile till is fully portable with an integrated card reader and ideal for queue busting and pop up sales, and in fast-flowing areas, such as retail or take away, our self-service kiosk can make a real difference to customer flow.

Our range of payment readers support all forms of cashless payment, whether you need closed cashless, contactless, chip & pin or mobile payments. We can also extend our payment solution to support unattended, non-catering points of sale on campus with a dual reader that accepts both closed and open payment.

For catering managers it’s vital to know your customers and engage with them effectively, and our back-office software aims to make this simple by collating all spending data into detailed reports. When including closed cashless payment as an option there are the added benefits of 24/7 real-time reporting, visibility of loaded funds to support better forecasting and of course the knowledge that those funds can only be spent on campus. This system is also fully customisable to support campus branding, and to enable bespoke promotions, meal deals and loyalty schemes to be created.

In a nutshell having a smarter EPOS system in place on campus really can enhance the student experience; by providing a choice of reliable and fast payment options alongside targeted promotions and an attractive loyalty scheme you can grow your sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

You can read more about our work in the Higher Education market by taking a look at our case studies here, and if you would like to find out more please contact us on 01926 816400.

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