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The benefits of a VMC cashless solution

A cashless payment system is a significant investment for any business so it’s important to research the features and benefits carefully. It’s vital to choose a system that is reliable, secure and fully scalable to ensure it meets the needs of your business now and in the future.

The VMC Flex solution offers a wide choice of customisable options that enables the client to create a tailored system that directly meets their needs. Here’s a quick roundup of the top 5 benefits of a VMC system:

1. Know your customer

A system from VMC provides a wealth of data about your customers and their buying habits in real time. These valuable insights can be used to better align stock ordering and menus to actual demand (also reducing waste), and to accurately plan your resource.

2. Reduce queues

Keeping your service slick is vital and cashless payments are up to 5 times quicker than cash. This keeps your customers happy, reduces queue time and enables more sales to be processed in less time, maximising on the profits.

3. Flexible payment options

A VMC Flex solution can incorporate any combination of payment types, including cashless, chip & pin, contactless and mobile payments – providing your customers with choice.

4. Generate loyalty

Reward your customers and drive repeat business with customised promotions and an intelligent virtual loyalty scheme that requires no card or stamping!

5. Improved customer experience

Engage your users with a customisable interface in keeping with your brand including additional benefits like pre-ordering, click and collect, auto top-up, and a mobile app that provides 24/7 account access.

If you would like to find out more about our range of payment solutions, please contact us on 01926 816400.

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