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Vendex North 19 Review

Another jam-packed show at Vendex North last week, and we were pleased to see that cashless was still one of the hot topics amongst the visitors. A year ago we still felt there was still some resistance to cashless payment from some operators, whereas this year almost everyone we spoke to had either already added it to their portfolio, or were in the planning stages of doing so.

The Vendotek solution really stood out amongst the competition thanks to the direct merchant agreement with competitive rates and fast settlement of funds – benefits that we know are important to operators and cannot currently be matched by other contactless equipment providers.

VMC have been operating in the vending industry for almost 30 years now and we pride ourselves on being experts in this marketplace. We are the exclusive distributor of the Vendotek solution in the UK and Ireland, and we welcome all new enquiries whether large or small – every client will always receive the same product choice and levels of service from us.

To find out more about the Vendotek solution click here.

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